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Delicate Rainbow Tourmaline Ionic Bracelet

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Shed some weight with a help of a powerful stone! Introducing the Delicate Rainbow Tourmaline Ionic Bracelet.Promotes Fat Breakdown - Signals the body for efficient breakdown of fat cells that will help you to lose that baby fat faster! 

  • Improves Blood Circulation - Promotes healthy blood circulation! It also helps to lower high blood pressure preventing future medical expenses.

  • Improves metabolism and blood circulation promoting fast and healthy weight loss. 

  • Removes Harmful Toxin - Cleanses your body and removes harmful toxins making your body free from common sickness like headache, nausea, cold, etc. 

  •  Built in tourmaline stones that penetrates deeply into the skin and effectively help body to have instant hour glass body.



Chain Length: 26cm

Weight: 4.6 grams

Stone size: 3mm

Color Display: Rose gold & Silver


Product Included

1 X DeltaNatural™ Rainbow Tourmaline Ionic Crystal Bracelet


All Products are Not Tested On Animal

100% Natural

No Toxic Chemicals

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